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Have you been planning to step into the profession as a tree service worker? If yes, then it is essential to have complete know-how about the job duties, training and licensure requirements of a tree worker. There are no specific hard rules or conditions to be part of this profession. You don’t need to take stress about acquiring some high school diploma courses. Just a state license is required to work on a legal basis.

Essential Information About Tree Service Worker

Tree service workers perform the duty where they are involved in the task of maintenance, tree trimming, and removal of trees. Besides formal education, a worker should have on-the-job session training. Based on state requirements, it is required to have a license or certification. By 2028, the job growth rate of the tree service worker is expected to increase by 9%. All the tree pruners and trimmers can earn a median salary of around $38,190.

Job Description of Tree Service Worker

Tree workers are associated with this profession on both commercial and residential levels. They usually are performing the ground maintenance service at a larger field. They are accountable to prune or trim the trees due to different factors. Individuals can quickly start working as a service technician with no such requirements of formal or post-secondary training. Sometimes due to disease or environmental factors, there is a need to trim off the trees. Besides, they are also employed to remove or cut off the trees, which are blocking the sidewalks or roadways.

Salary Outlook of Tree Service Worker

According to the 2018 survey report, a tree service worker can earn around $19.57 on an hourly basis. Those workers who are connected with some big organizations or electrical companies, they have high chances to win more. The industry of lawn care maintenance has contributed a lot in giving a massive rise to this profession. Dallas, St-Louis and Los Angeles are few prominent countries with the rate of highest employment in this field.

Certification & License Requirements of Tree Service Worker

There is no specific certification that is required to be part of this profession. But still, some national organizations are offering this certification. Such an organization offer accreditation based on educational requirements or formal training session. They are just aiming to promote the tree service industry in the unregulated market.
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In case if the technician does not have licensing requirements, then the specialist should know the state regulations and requirements for acquiring chemicals/pesticides. Few states are having basic licensing requirements for tree service and performing any chemical applications. You can obtain the license through the process of examination related to the use of products. Individuals can quickly start working as a service technician with no such requirements of formal or postsecondary training. State licensing holds primary importance for performing specific duties. For this sake, professional certification will play an important role. As the growth rate of tree service employment is increasing, the terminology of state regulations or license requirements might get strict.