this image shows stone and brick masonry responsibility training

Learn More About Brick and Stone Masonry

 Stone or brick masonry is the one who is involved in using natural stones or concrete bricks for building different structures. This can be either the walls, chimneys or the fences. They are also known as stonemasons, brick masons or block masons.

You can even call them by the name of bricklayers. According to the 2016 survey report, there are around 290,500 masons who are working in the US. Most of them are associated with the fields of a concrete finisher or as the masons.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of Stone and Brick Masonry

To call yourself a professional stone and brick masonry, you need to know the essential duties or functions performed by them. Here we have a quick guide about the primary responsibilities of stone and brick masonry:

  • They will help you in building different layouts and your roofing structures.
  • You can make the use of different tools and equipment, which are required in various construction tasks.
  • They perform the duty where they rebuild or point chimneys.

What is the salary outlook of stone and brick masonry?

Based on the specialization, stone or brick masonry might have different salary ranges. According to 2018 survey report, the median income range is as mentioned below:

  • On the per hour basis, the median salary range annually is around $44,810.
  • Experienced individuals can earn around $77,350 annually.
  • Beginners or advanced experts can earn around $29,040 annually.

Educational Requirements, Training and Certification of Stone and Brick Masonry

Although this field won’t be demanding any post-secondary education, it is essential to have some formal training! You can step ahead in this profession by finishing with 3-4 years of apprenticeship.

All the individuals should complete around 143 hours of any technical instruction along with 2,000 hours of on-the-job session training each year. Your age limit has to be at least 18 years old with the earning of a high school diploma degree. A valid driving license is also required for transportation purposes.

Mostly male individuals are involved in working as a stone and brick masonry. So the worker needs to stay physically fit. They have to lift some heavy machinery and equipment which has a weigh of around 40 pounds. You should have strong reading skills to read instruction manuals and policies.

this picture shows a man training for brick masonry

Working Environment of Stone and Brick Masonry

Being into the field of stone and brick is a quite tedious and intricate job to perform. Sometimes you have to spend at least 12 hours on any project which can make you tired. You have to cross yourself through different injuries and stress by getting stuck in massive objects.  

You can either work on an hourly basis, or you can also get employment on an hourly basis. During the winter season or freezing weather, the schedule can be a lot erratic. Terrazzo masons who are involved in some decorative work, they usually perform their duties late at night. To be a part of this profession, you have to be physically and mentally strong.